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Principal Message

Amenity Public School

At Amenity, we believe that education is an ongoing journey that spans throughout one's life. Our primary goal is to nurture students into well-rounded individuals. We are dedicated to fostering a spirit of exploration and encouraging the discovery of their unique talents.

In our school, education goes beyond simply completing the curriculum, memorizing formulas, and conducting experiments. We are committed to imparting knowledge that empowers students to comprehend the deeper meaning of life. Our emphasis lies in comprehending the fundamental and practical aspects of subjects, rather than relying on traditional memorization techniques and pursuing high scores.

With my extensive experience in teaching and administration, I have come to realize that education is not just a means to attain success, but a pathway to self-discovery. It helps us become more aware of our existence and comprehend the true purpose of life. As the saying goes, "Education is what remains when we forget everything we have learned." While we may forget the specifics of what we were taught in school or college, the values and principles instilled in us become an integral part of our identity, deeply embedded and enduring.

In the wise words of Albert Einstein, "Try not to become a man of success, but a man of values." Our aim is to instill these values and principles in our students as we prepare them to become future nation builders and policy makers.

Welcome to a journey of continuous learning!


Ms. Indra Tripathi