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Boarding House Policies

Welcome to the Boarding House at Amenity Public School, where we aim to create a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for our students. To ensure a harmonious community living experience, we have established the following policies:

1. Residential Community Standards:

All boarding students are expected to adhere to a set of community standards that promote respect, responsibility, and consideration for fellow residents.

2. Room Assignments and Changes:

Room assignments are made based on various factors, and changes may occur as needed.

3. Daily Schedule and Routine:

A structured daily routine is essential for a balanced lifestyle.

4. Attendance and Sign-Out Procedures:

Regular attendance is mandatory.

5. Academic Commitment:

Boarders are expected to prioritize their academic responsibilities.

6. Communication with Family:

Parents or guardians can contact the boarding house office for any concerns or updates regarding their child.

7. Visitors and Guest Policy:

Visitation policies vary based on school guidelines. Boarders may be allowed visitors during specific hours, and all guests must be signed in and out.

8. Personal Belongings and Room Inspections:

Boarders are responsible for the care and cleanliness of their personal belongings and living spaces. Regular room inspections may be conducted to ensure compliance with cleanliness standards.

9. Health and Wellness:

The health and well-being of boarders are of utmost importance. Students are required to report any illness or injury promptly.

10. Disciplinary Procedures:

Violation of boarding house policies may result in disciplinary action. Consequences may include warnings, restricted privileges, or, in severe cases, suspension from the boarding house.

11. Emergency Procedures:

Boarders are expected to familiarize themselves with emergency procedures, including fire drills, evacuation routes, and other safety measures.