Amenity Public School Amenity Public School



Nurturing Growth

Enhancing Physical Coordination:

Dive into dynamic games, activities, hopping, crawling, and running to promote the development of gross motor skills.

Crafting Precision and Creativity:

Unleash creativity with beading, colouring, lacing, and other fine motor skill activities to refine dexterity and precision.

Imaginative Connections:

Explore interpersonal skills through immersive role play, fostering teamwork, empathy, and effective communication.

Expressive Individuality:

Cultivate self-awareness and confidence through activities like poem recitation, puppet shows, and fancy dress, promoting intrapersonal skills.

Language Mastery and Phonics Exploration:

Participate in engaging vocabulary and phonics workshops to develop language skills and phonetic understanding.

Nature's Embrace:

Connect with the environment through sapling and plantation activities, instilling a sense of responsibility and appreciation for nature.

Numerical Adventures:

Embark on a journey of scientific numeracy, making learning numbers interactive and stimulating.

Unity in Diversity:

Celebrate cultural festivities, fostering social development and an understanding of diverse traditions.